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The company is based in Napajedla and was established in 2007 as a trading company focusing on engineering and utility distribution networks made from polyethylene, including technologies designed for swimming pools. The company replaced the original company by the name of Hydrodif s.r.o., which has been active in the same field since 2004. The company supplies fittings and valves for plastic piping systems and other plastic components which are used to conduct various mediums in the water treatment, gas, food and chemical industries. It also offers complete solutions for pool technologies.

The company specializes in PP compression fitting, clamp saddles, threaded fittings  and valves, including machines used for electric fusion coupling, electrofusion fittings PE100 RC , automatic devices for butt connections, butt fittings made of PE 100, PVC fittings and valves and finally, fittings and components for private and public pools.

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